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Cool Room Facility

We have a well-designed modern cold room warehouse with full facilities that can accommodate up to eighty 40-footer container loads. Our cold room has been designed and partitioned into 7 rooms with centralized computer controlled temperature and humidity. The adjustable cold room environment has significantly lessen the effort of grouping and storing of fruits and vegetables; for example, fruits produce ethylene gas will be segregated from fruits that are sensitive to ethylene gas and fruits and vegetables that require high humidity will be segregated from those that are not. Our clients can rest assure their fruits and vegetables are in tip top condition and shrinkage rate will be maintained at the lowest possible. In the long run, our clients will also save on storage cost in constructing or expanding their existing cold room to accommodate sufficient stock to cater for the market demand in high season and also need not worry about the increase of running cost when the cold room is not fully utilized in low season.


We are devoted in delivering only the freshest fruits and vegetables to our client. To do that, we use 100% refrigerated truck for our delivery. Today, we have a fleet of 50 refrigerated trucks of different capacities, ranging from 1 ton truck to 40ft trailer, in operation. We have a pool of well-trained and experienced staffs and drivers and driver assistants, who are enthusiastic in providing excellent services to our clients. By using our logistic service, our clients can save time in arranging their own logistics or acquire their own trucks and incur personnel and maintenance cost. Currently our logistic service for East Malaysia is via sea-freighted in mix containers load basis. The East Malaysia local logistic will be made available when the need arises in the future.

Quality Control

All fruits and vegetables imported are thoroughly inspected by our dedicated QA team to make sure only the best quality fruits be sent to our clients. Khaishen also performs field visits to the country of origin to monitor the growing, handling and packaging process to ensure the best quality fruits and vegetables are imported for our customers. At our warehouse, our warehousing department will monitor the temperature and atmosphere of all the cold rooms to ensure the best environment is maintained for our storage of different types of fruits and vegetables. Besides, our quality control personnel will also check thoroughly and monitor closely the quality of the fruits and vegetables from the time they are unloaded from the containers to the time right before they are sent to our clients.


We provide packaging services with bar codes, and are capable of delivering your orders in specially printed "co-branded" boxes. Khaishen has invested in pre-packaging machines imported from Spain to assist our clients and to take over the time consuming packaging process from them. By paying a marginal cost, our clients can take advantage of our pre-packaging services that come with promotional jargon, foam or plastic tray pack, clam shell pack and others to further improve their sales and minimize the staff cost and the time required for our products to reach the customers.


Currently, we re-export our vegetables and fruits to countries in the South East Asia region by mixed container or direct container basis from originated country to the customer in the destined country.

Indent Service

We also provide container indent services. Clients can import fruits and vegetables through us and this service is offered on a cost plus commission basis.

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