01 Jul2018

Korean Golden Melon Mini Road Show


In July 2018 Khaishen Trading had successfully collaborated with GREENVIL (Leading Korea Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporter), Best Golden Melon and Seongju County (Seongju-gun) in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea .This largely agricultural area is located immediately west of the metropolitan city of Daegu. There is a Korean Melon Ecology Center in Seongju County, designed to educate the public regarding the cultivation and other aspects of the fruit.


The Korean melon or chamoe (참외), following its Korean name, is a type of melon primarily grown in Korea. The fruit is typically about half-foot (15 cm) long and weighs slightly over 1 pound (0.45 kg). It is smooth and oblong, with white stripes that run the length of the fruit. It has a white flesh that is juicy and sweet, and the seed cavity is filled with small white seeds. The flavor has been described as a cross between a honeydew melon and a cucumber. The fruits are usually eaten fresh; with its thin rind and small seeds, the melon can be eaten whole.

This mini roadshow (sampling activities) was organized throughout the month of July 2018 on several outlets between them are Jaya Uptown, Jaya Grocer The Garden Mid Valley, Jaya Grocer Intermark, Jaya Grocer Pearl Point, De Market, and Jaya Grocer Mount Kiara. We glad that all thing going as planned and thanks to all those involved in these roadshow. The local really enjoy the new taste of the melon from they used too.

You still can get these fruits in selective store, while it lasts.


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