10 Feb2018


Now it’s the season of Korean Strawberry (Maehyang Strawberry), they generally harvested from November to May every year. The advantages of this variety include a high sugar content (12~14°Bx), firm texture,  crispy and can be stored for a long time. 

Compared to other strawberries, Maehyang strawberries are generally of higher quality but are more difficult to cultivate. They are also greenhouse-grown and healthier with less pesticide used.

 They have a striking red hue with a shiny appearance, have cone-like or oblong shape and are juicier. We especially like the aromatic scent, which is like a fruit-flavored candy compared to the muskier, earthier smell of other strawberries. The taste is also strong and sweet, without lingering on the tongue.

The Maehyang strawberries are regarded as the "Queen of Vitamin C” in Korea because of their appealing soft flesh and sweet taste, and they have higher vitamin C content compared to tomato, mandarin oranges, and apples.

Good news for you! We will be having Korea Strawberry sampling activities from 10-14 February 2018 at Jaya Grocer - The Garden, Jaya Grocer - Uptown, Jaya Grocer - Intermark and Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade.

Come and taste the juicy and succulent Maehyang strawberry!

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