07 Jul2018

Gunma Vegetables Roadshow

In Collaboration with Gunma Prefecture Government , Khaishen Trading and AEON . We have succesfully organized a mini roadshow, several sampling session and promotion to introduce Gunma's Vegetables to the local market. We flew it fresh from Gunma farm some Corn, Blueberry, Japanese Yam,  Gunma Cabbage and other vegetables for sampling and tasting session. The sampling and promotion were held at several outlets; the main events were held on 10th July at Aeon Mid Valley Store , Mid Valley City .


 Gunma Prefecture is not only close to the Tokyo metro area ,they also blessed with land that have advantage of geological features with difference of elevation, clean water and long periods of sunlight. Many agricultural goods produced here that utilize this favorable location, and Gunma is known as one of the leading producers of vegetables in Japan. 

In the north of Gunma, highland vegetables such as cabbage are grown, and in the plains, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, spinach and so on are grown in both greenhouses and in the open air. Also, various fruits including ume (Japanese apricot) and blueberries, apples, grapes, strawberries and peaches are grown here.

 "Gunma Quality” is a symbol of the highest confidence of their product quality, and love that Gunma people put into their agricultural products.  If you see the item with this mark, please have it for your hands by all means !


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